If Your Intellectual Property Has Been Stolen, Don’t Be Polite – Counter-Strike

Online piracy could be the most-committed crime and has many different faces. The enormous consumption of digital media, especially on smartphones and other mobile devices, has led to an intense competitiveness among commercial websites. Anyone with a website needs to be able to stop online piracy. That is their right.

Online Piracy and Copyright, Patent or Trademark Infringement

Everyone recognizes that stealing someone’s car is a crime. Copyrights recognize that someone owns this piece of music, film, writing or artwork. Copying these works without the owner’s permission is theft, plain and simple. Dealing with the theft is not so simple. The person committing this crime could be located anywhere in the world and concealing their identity.

Two Common Types of Online Piracy – By Many or By One

Piracy by Many: The popular TV show “The Game of Thrones” became the world’s most pirated TV show in its first four weeks, with 1.6 million illegal downloads. Pirated music and movies are illegally downloaded and sold every day. These thefts have to be prevented at the source by making illegal downloads impossible.

Piracy by One: Commercial websites have their content and products stolen for someone else’s profit. These thefts can be handled most effectively by making a counter-strike against the offending website.

Almost anyone can be victimized, but these websites are particularly attractive to thieves and vulnerable to content theft:

  • Information marketers
  • WordPress and software developers
  • Authors and publishers
  • Video, film and music artists and producers
  • Photographers
  • Trading or Forex vendors
  • Law firms

Discovering the Theft

When website or associated revenues are slipping, it’s not always apparent at first what is causing the problem. There can be a number of causes of declining website traffic. One of those problems can be prospective customers being diverted to a thief’s website. Your products have been ripped off and are being illegally sold. You need to be able to identify the criminal websites.

Stopping the Theft

Lawsuits are problematic at best when the thief is in a foreign country. Even in the U.S., lawsuits are expensive and don’t give fast results. A polite “take-down” request is usually ignored.

Takedown Czar approaches online piracy with a relentless, results-driven approach that is focused upon your ROI. Their ENFORCER Protection Platform and skilled in-house team delivers a counter-strike against copyright infringers that can be scaled to your needs. Protect your intellectual property by contacting them today.

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