5 Benefits of Hiring a Workplace Injury Lawyer

When a person is injured in a workplace accident, they may wonder whether they need a lawyer’s help during the claim. In most cases, it’s beneficial to have legal counsel during a worker’s compensation claim, and a reputable lawyer will tell the client if it’s possible to handle a claim alone. Here, workers can learn several benefits of hiring a lawyer from http://www.dodgejones.com.

No Upfront Cost

An injury lawyer represents a client on a contingency fee basis during a worker’s compensation case. This simply means that the lawyer receives a portion of the settlement when a case is won. If a client does not receive benefits, they owe the lawyer nothing. Therefore, hiring an injury attorney comes with minimal risk.

Specific Knowledge

The laws surrounding worker’s compensation are quite complex. If a claim is under dispute from the insurer, it can be very hard to navigate the legal system without help. Judges serve as referees in most cases, and they cannot provide legal advice. However, a worker’s comp lawyer can help the client by determining whether a settlement offer is fair.

Prevention of Retaliatory Practices

If an employer knows a worker has an attorney, they are not as likely to retaliate. A lawyer can provide reassurance that the worker will be treated respectfully and fairly throughout the claims process.

A Fair Settlement

Insurance adjusters are in the business to maximize company profits by minimizing payouts. Therefore, they have no motivation to make a sizable payment or to settle quickly. A worker’s comp lawyer can advocate for the client to get the best possible settlement.

Protecting the Client’s Needs

Normally, when a case settles, it is over. However, in some instances, the insurer must pay for a worker’s future medical expenses. If a client receives Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits, a poorly-written settlement agreement can affect future benefits. However, a skilled lawyer can prevent these negative effects.

While most worker’s compensation cases go smoothly, problems can arise in some situations. Rather than try to navigate the legal system alone, an injured worker should hire a workplace injury lawyer for help and legal advice.

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