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Blindfolded or Not, Justice is ought to be Served

Justice can be defined as a fair behavior and treatment. This word is common in the field of law wherein justice must be served to all people. The truth is, the Greek statue of a blindfolded lady may have been a great icon of justice. Indeed, you are getting it correctly. Blindfolded. Your very first natural impulse may be to be concerned on why is she blindfolded. You may ask, “why does it represent justice while she cannot see what is going on around her?” Well, you may have a point on that but the common meaning of the blindfolded woman is that she, being blind on the bribes that various people may offer her. With that, money, fame, even death could never be seen or felt and simply justice will prevail. This would signify that regardless of who you are, regardless of where you are from, and regardless of what’s your financial status, you will always obtain justice.

But sadly, several people neglect the typical symbolism of the blindfolded lady and take on the probable other meaning which is not being able to view or sense what is going on in the surroundings. Some of which may be purposive while others are non-purposive. Fundamentally, the purposive idea is a self-centered act of individuals who are engaged. Human beings with this idea understood values and the law. On the flip side, non-purposive is basically being oblivious of the circumstance that leads to injustice.

Generally speaking, the entire process of the justice method is originally blindfolded as such (think harder). Now, let us understand more about this idea. People are just people. They cannot be at one place at the same time which makes them blindfolded in several cases. For example, a criminal defense lawyer when contacted by a client does not really have a clue about what is taking place. All he has to do is to gather information from the defendant and obtain documents or files that would prove the client is innocent. That act is being blindfolded. In the same manner, having a witness can be an example of justice procedures being blindfolded also for no person genuinely knows if what the witness is declaring is true or simply made up.

Although the justice process is simply blindfolded, it does not mean that you can never obtain justice at all. You can still talk, yell, or touch things even if you are blindfolded right? It’s just that this article is trying to communicate a new concept of the blindfolded woman. Blindfolded not to see bribery, blindfolded to determine right and wrong, or blindfolded in the justice processes – all could be right. It’s simply a subject of how you take it.

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